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or, How I Left My High-Flying Career for a Life on the Road

This week we welcome a guest post from Jamie Atkinson of Let’s Get Jobless. Jamie started a blog, quit his job in the UK, and now travels the world, helping others do the same along the way. Blogging is a great way for online teachers to monetize their website and grow their student rosters, and as you’ll learn in this piece, offers an array of additional benefits. Starting a blog? Here’s your first read. Take it away, Jamie!

As I write this post, I’m sitting in a coffee shop looking out over Manhattan. The joys of the sesame seed bagel with cream cheese have changed my opinion on breakfast since I got to New York.

What’s interesting is in the last 4 weeks I’ve enjoyed some truly incredible experiences:

  • Seen the picturesque beauty of Austria
  • Enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  • Relaxed in the sun and swam in the Adriatic Sea in Split, Croatia
  • Now I’m wandering the streets of Manhattan experiencing some amazing shows and getting an insiders perspective

What’s amazing about all of this? 12 months ago, if I didn’t start blogging, none of it would have happened.

A blog has been the single biggest driving force for change in my life. Without it, I think I would now still be stuck in my job at home, miserable and trying to figure out what I needed to change in my life.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you:

  • How a blog can change your life
  • How I used my blog to help leave my job behind
  • What nobody will tell you about starting a blog

Are you ready? Great! Strap in, it’s going to be a fun ride.

How a Blog Can Change Your Life…for the Better

When you look at anybody that decides to start a blog, it usually comes down to a few different reasons:

  • They have something they want to share
  • They have something they want to achieve
  • Or they are looking for an outlet

Whether you decide to start a blog to make yourself accountable to something like a saving plan, quitting your job, or starting a new hobby, it’s worth knowing up front that keeping up to date with a blog is hard work.

Whatever your motivations, though, it can be a huge driving factor in creating change in your life. Why? Because when you put your thoughts, feelings, and plans out into the wide world and you talk about them and share them with other people, you make yourself accountable to those goals.\

Accountability, the Driving Force of Change

Accountability is amazing with a blog. If you start blogging and say to yourself and your readers:

“I’m not happy with my job right now. Within 12 months I’m going to leave my job and begin working remotely.”

You are making that goal known to the world. By then sharing that information with people closest to you and also to complete strangers online, it serves as a constant reminder that you are working towards that goal.

This is what’s truly amazing about a blog. It gives you an outlet to talk about changes you want to make in your life, and then by visiting and contributing to that blog regularly, you will create that change that you want in your life, almost subconsciously.

By talking about a goal or dream with people you create momentum to help you work towards that goal, just make sure the goals follow the SMART goal strategy.
(A SMART goal is a goal that’s Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. For a free guide on how to set SMART goals,
click this link)

How I Used My Blog to Leave My Job Behind

When I was blogging about wanting to change my life last year (you can see my post here about what I affectionately call the Wanderlust effect) there were some amazing things that started to happen because I was blogging.

Blogging Helped Me Identify What Change I Needed in My Life

I discovered that there were themes to my writing. I would later identify one of those themes as a need for travel, for me personally that was what I was craving. I wrote posts that were centered around my plans to leave my job behind.

What started off as a way for me to talk about the change I wanted in my life then grew and evolved into what my blog is today. Firstly, my blog is now all about helping others learn the skills and find the tools they need to start their own journey, and to leave their job behind.

Secondly, what I didn’t realize when starting out was that a blog can actually be a fantastic source of income and an amazing jumping off point with how you can make money online.

My blog helped me to change by giving me:

  • An outlet to identify what I really wanted out of life – for me, travel
  • A platform to speak
  • A way to make money online anywhere in the world from my laptop
  • Access to a community of other online entrepreneurs striving to achieve the same thing

How Can You Use Your Blog to Make Money

There are a ton of different ways in which you can make money from your blog, from freelance writing to blogging to teaching online. for many, it serves as a jumping off point in which you can later diversify from. For example, your blog might be about travel and from that you later start to do some freelance writing for somebody else on their site.

Here are some of the ways in which you can make money from your blog:

Get Your Blog Sponsored

When your blog is receiving a lot of traffic, you can get sponsored by a company. This company may offer to pay you per referral you put through to their website, they may put up advertisement banners on your site and pay you that way, or maybe they give you discounts or freebies for posting on their site.

Income via Google Adsense

When you get a small amount of traffic you won’t make much money from Adsense but it can still be satisfying to see even your first $1 being made online. Once you have a lot of traffic coming into your site, this can be an easy no-frills way to make a form of steady income.

Just be wary of how you set this up on your site, the last thing you want is to overwhelm your readers with hundreds of adverts and then not have them return to your site.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is one of the ways in which many bloggers turn their website from making a few $100’s a month into making $1000’s. Affiliate income comes from offering products to your readers from your website which when they buy or sign up for by clicking through the links. Once they make a purchase, you get a commission sent your way at no extra cost to your reader.

Some of the most popular affiliates are Amazon associates, Web hosting companies like Hostgator or Bluehost and software providers like Thrive Themes.

Info-Product Creation

One of the other sure-fire ways to make a solid income from your blog is to have a product created which you sell from your website.

This could be a number of different things such as an e-book, mp3, online course, or digital package. Info-products are great because the product is designed by you and marketed by you. This allows you to make 100% of the profit, unlike an affiliate income where you only take a cut of the profit.

For a full detailed guide on ways in which you can make money online check out this post here.

There are a ton of ways in which your blog can help you to leave your job behind, from firstly identifying the change you want and giving you the ability to make money online. Starting a blog can be the kick you need to create change in your life.

What Nobody Will Tell You About Starting a Blog

The truth behind starting a blog that nobody will tell you is that, to be a success in the blogging world, you have to work really hard.

It’s easy to look at successful bloggers who have multiple products on their site who post crazy income reports claiming to earn $100,000 + every month and think, ‘wow that looks easy, I can do that.’

The truth is to be a successful blogger, you’re going to have to work your little butt off.

It takes a lot of work to build a following, but if you can do it, this gives you an amazing way to improve yourself and to really get excited about the possibilities of online business.

It’s also an amazing way to connect with some incredible people online who are undergoing the same changes as yourself.

By getting involved in the blogging communities and the communities revolved around location independence, you connect yourself with a network of like-minded go-getting entrepreneurs who are creating change and following their dreams.

Surrounding yourself with these types of people and getting involved with a community will help you stretch yourself and make your dreams become a reality. I

’d highly recommend getting involved with a community either by visiting blogs and commenting and getting involved in discussions or by joining a community such as which bands together entrepreneurs from all walks of life to help them all grow together.

Want to Get Started?

If all of this sounds appealing and you want to get started on your own blogging journey I’ve written a full and complete guide on how to start your own blog and have a number of helpful posts on how to get started with your blogging journey.

This will walk you through every step you need to get started on your blogging journey, including how to sign up for website hosting and which type of blog to setup.

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Stay classy.

Jamie Atkinson | Let’s Get Jobless

Jamie Atkinson is a freelance writer and sales coach who has over 10 years of experience coaching, selling and training in the field. He was born in the UK but now travels all over the world, teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs how to achieve their own success by sharing the benefits of having a lifestyle business. You can find out more from Jamie over at

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