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Teaching online is a growing profession, and one that is much more versatile than it appears at first glance. There are those looking to teach English as a Second Language, or tutor students part-time while on an extended trip, or maybe even produce a course on how to make money as a traveling teacher. Teaching online can take many forms and can often be quite profitable. There are many sites where a teacher can make money online.  Here are 30 of them:

Language Schools

Live Lingua is the best place to teach a language online. The beauty of Live Lingua is that over 130 languages are taught – whatever language you’re speaking, there are people on the internet who want to learn it! Teach lessons via Skype to students around the world, and base yourself wherever you want to be (as long as there’s good internet!).

iTalki is an established site for teaching languages online. Teaching with them is a great way to build a client base, make some extra money, and get comfortable with the basics of online teaching. You’ve likely heard of them before, and for those looking to get their foot in the door making money online, iTalki is a solid place to start.

An online language school offering live language lessons. For those looking to teach a language online but needing a flexible schedule, Lingoda is a great option. Part time or full time work is available.

Be notified via email when a student books a lesson, then immediately hop on and teach that lesson (assuming the student picks you). How does that sound? Spontaneous? That’s what they’re going for. Verbling is good for quick filling in of free time.

Another respected online language site. Preply helps those interested in learning a language, or many other things like humanities or science, connect with tutors and teachers, at an affordable rate.

Online Courses

Udemy is a platform for video-based, online courses. Kind of like recording yourself giving a PowerPoint presentation and then releasing it to the public. Users create courses following the company’s format, then charge the public to sign up for it. If you are confident that your concept or skillset is valuable to the general public, or even just to other teachers in your field of expertise, Udemy is a great way to scale your reach. Once the course is out there, teaching ten people or one million requires the same work on your end. Udemy can help promote. They keep 50% of all sales that they bring in, you keep 100% of anyone you bring in through your own marketing efforts.

Once you’re extremely comfortable with online video teaching via Udemy, apply for Skillshare. Not all teachers are accepted, but once your 45-minue-or-longer course is live, Skillshare will help promote it to their community of members and affiliates. Courses are broken down into 4-9 minute segments so as to be easily digestible and retainable for students.

ed2Go hires college-educated instructors to create online courses on topics ranging from educational subjects to hobbies to business, and much more. They market the courses via their network of colleges, universities, corporations, and other affiliates. Their format allows teachers to continue working in their current job if they choose, while still creating courses on their subject matter for the site’s international audience.

Created by LinkenIn, allows instructors to create courses on a variety of topics, primarily related to work and professional endeavors. SEO, photography, software development, and design are well represented. Apply via their website, but one piece of advice: make sure your LinkedIn profile is looking good before sending in the application.

An site offering courses based around IT, web design, and interfacing. Are you a master web designer or know the tricks of the latest design framework? Sitepoint can help you share your skills with tech workers and hobbyists hungry for the knowledge.

Online Business and Lifestyle Coaching

BSCN, or Business Success Coach Network, is exactly what it sounds like – a collection of online business coaches. If you’re looking for ways a teacher can make money online, networking with other people doing the same thing is invaluable. Becoming a member of BCSN will guide you towards getting the best certification, building your business, and landing clients.

A global network of online coaches teaching in 46 languages. This site also helps accepted coaches place with clients and develop their teaching skills with a solid network of professional executive coaches to guide and support.

General Online Lessons

Lessonface is a site for online music lessons. Teachers must make it through their Teaching Music Online 101 course. The site helps place teachers with students and guides teachers through the necessary equipment and procedures to be successful and profitable.

Whether you’re looking to make money teaching online as a music instructor, golf coach, or basically anything else, can help connect you with students looking to learn what you have to teach. It’s like Upwork for teachers.

Earlier we said works as a job board for teachers. WyzAnt is a more specified version of that – it’s specifically for language teachers. Create a profile, upload a professional-looking photo, set your rate, and get to work luring students.

Teaching and Faculty Jobs

A job board for the education industry. Specify your search for remote work to find online jobs. The hyperlink here will take you directly to the remote job listing. Contract positions and typical employment setups are available in a variety of topics.

While remote listings here aren’t as common because the site caters to college and university jobs, they are present and typically are very desirable positions.

With the increasing popularity of remote learning comes the increasing presence of remote teaching jobs, even at established institutions. The Spruce displays online faculty positions so professors, faculty, and teachers can make money online without having to downgrade their title.

GetEducated is a site offering job postings where a teacher can make money online, whether they are teaching young kids, college students, or adults. The job postings are diverse. There are times when not many – or any – current jobs are listed, but this site is worth keeping an eye on because the high caliber of the jobs posted.

Additional Sites, ESL, And Resources Where A Teacher Can Make Money Online

CoachUp is the go-to place for physical education and athletic instructors to connect with students. All age groups and skill levels of students are welcome, and coaches can specify their specialties.

Create online courses on just about any topic. OpenLearning helps teachers make money online by creating interactive learning plans that go beyond the typical ‘create, market, sell’ method of MOOCs.

VipKid is a site for teaching English to Chinese children. Teachers can make money online working part time, up to $22/hr, just teach English. Lessons are full-immersion, 1-on-1 style, and typically provide an experience just as memorable for the teacher as for the student.

EnlishKey teaches English via their own streaming service. Part time work that can potentially turn into full-time work. You must be a native English speaker to teach with EnglishKey, and preference is given to those with ESL certifications.

Train to become an online Life Coach. This site helps users make their way down the road to becoming an online life coach, so that they can make money online by teaching, mentoring, and offering advice.

Tutoring and Marketplaces

A marketplace allowing teachers to sell their resources and tools to others in the education community. Resources are sorted by grade, subject, and resource type. Teachers can easily identify the best ways to go about making a little money on the side via tools they already have.

Teachers can make money online by tutoring students through this site. Work on schedule with your students, at times convenient for both parties. A great way to make a direct impact on a student’s life (while earning some great money).

Another tutoring website, PrestoExperts connects students with tutors in a simple and effective process. Granted, you must be approved and accepted to be a tutor, but this site can be a great side hustle or main gig where teachers can make money online.

From Kindergraten to college level, WizIQ provides the tools that teachers and instructors need to be effective online teachers. If you’re teaching online, or looking to do so, this site has some very useful resources for your existing system.

Shmoop is an online curriculum-writing company. While they do have in-house curriculum writers, contractors are occasionally used to write curriculums. They have a ‘careers’ section on the site that is worth checking out, as well.

Teachers pay teachers is the sharing economy’s way for teachers to monetize any resources they have that can benefit other teachers. As a millions-strong community of educators, TPT is for teachers to share products, work, tips and knowledge with each other. Selling fits into the term ‘share’ nicely here. Teachers can publish work and sell it to the community. No matter what you’re teaching, TPT is a valuable resource to check out.

Here are a couple of additional sites to get you motivated:

Teaching Traveling

A blog featuring interviews with traveling teachers, advice, tips, and more.

Location Indie

An online community for location independent entrepreneurs and workers. Get support from others living the same lifestyle as you.

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